Bachelor Days are Over

Bachelor Days are Over Movie Poster
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1h 39m | Comedy

A few days before his wedding, Cui-Cui panics: Anna, his fiancée, has disappeared. Not to worry—his numerous in-laws, who speak only Yiddish, move in with him to take control of the wedding preparations and impose upon him their traditions. His mother, an egocentric harpy, constantly throws oil on the fire and his three friends are of no help. Cui-Cui is plagued by doubts and no one seems to want to listen. The only comfort he can find is when he meets Lea, a lovely young woman who knows nothing about his upcoming wedding. To complicate matters, the situation gets downright explosive when Anna reappears as if nothing had happened.

Director: Katia Lewkowicz
Studio: FunFilm
Producer(s): Grégory Barrey
Cast: Benjamin Biolay, Emmanuelle Devos, Nicole Garcia, Valérie Donzelli, Sarah Adler, Eric Lartigau
Writer(s): Katia Lewkowicz, Marcia Romano

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