Avenge But One of My Two Eyes

Avenge But One of My Two Eyes Movie Poster
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On DVD/VOD: September 26, 2006

1h 40m | Documentary

In Israel, filmmaker Avi Mograbi discusses the Middle East situation on the telephone with a Palestinian friend while the second Intifada is in full force. Mograbi also directs his camera on various zones of the occupied territories, showing Israeli soldiers who refuse to let an old woman pass through to visit her daughter’s home, delay children on their way from school, humiliate a tradesman at a checkpoint because he doesn’t have a valid licence and prevent farmers from plowing their fields, supposedly because it was ordered by the State.

On the other hand, various tourist guides tell the stories of Samson and the siege of Massada in the year 66, giving a parallel view of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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