Avant que mon coeur bascule

Avant que mon coeur bascule Movie Poster
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On DVD/VOD: February 26, 2013

1h 35m | Drama

Sarah (Clemence Dufresne-Deslières) is a rebellious 16-year-old teen who pretends to be hitchhiking, then steals from the good Samaritans who stop to help her. She repeats this every day until she involuntarily causes the death of a man (Alexis Martin). Rather than flee, the girl decides to find Françoise (Sophie Lorain), the wife of the victim. A tentative friendship develops between the two.

Director: Sébastien Rose
Studio: Métropole Films
Producer(s): Paul Barbeau
Cast: Clémence Dufresne-Deslières, Sophie Lorain, Alexis Martin, Étienne Laforge
Writer(s): Sébastien Rose, Stéphane Lasnier

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