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Fettah (Fettah Lamara), a restless windsurfer from Morocca, decides to journey by himself over 300 kilometers of ocean to find a beautiful European tourist he found a connection with.

Fettah finds himself alone in the vast unknown of the ocean, with no idea if he'll find what he's looking for, but his determination and his passion lead him onward.

Director: Jan-Willem van Ewijk
Producer(s): Bero Beyer, Fabian Massah, Marion Hänsel
Cast: Fettah Lamara, Thekla Reuten, Mohamed Majd, Boujmaa Guilloul, Hassna Souidi, Soufyan Sahli, Wisal Hatimi, Driss Hakimi, Jan-Willem van Ewijk
Writer(s): Jan-Willem van Ewijk, Abdelhadi Samih

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