Arabian Nights (Nuits d'Arabie)

Arabian Nights (Nuits d'Arabie) Movie Poster

A lonely man's infatuation with a mysterious beauty leads him into a dangerous game in this thriller. Georges (Jules Werner) works as a conductor on a train that makes a daily run from Luxembourg City to Bettembourg; Georges is a nice guy but painfully shy and he's never had much luck with the opposite sex.

One day, Georges checks the ticket of an attractive young woman from Algeria named Yamina (Sabrina Ouazani) and is surprised to see her riding the train again the next day.

Yamina tells Georges she's being followed by strange men who mean to do her harm, so Georges helps her find a safe compartment on the train, and allows her to stay in a cottage he keeps for vacations.

Georges falls in love with Yamina and when she mysteriously disappears, he sets out to come to her rescue; however, it doesn't take him long to discover she leads a more dangerous life than he ever imagined, and he's unwittingly put himself in jeopardy.

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