Apron Strings

Apron Strings Movie Poster

First time feature filmmaker Sima Urale explores the fine line between mothering and smothering in this family drama set in Auckland's multi-cultural southern suburbs, and focusing on the attempts of two mothers to summon the courage needed to set their sons free.

An Indian family torn apart by the secrets of the past attempt to confront their current misunderstandings and forge a healthy future as another family locked in a co-dependent stalemate does their best to break a vicious cycle.

If old-fashioned cake shop owner Lorna, no-nonsense curry house owner Tara, and glamorous television cooking show host Anita can put the same amount of effort into saving their family as they put into making delicious meals, perhaps there's hope for these failing families after all. Laila Ross, Jennifer Ludlam, and Scott Willis star.

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