Apology Of An Economic Hitman

Apology Of An Economic Hitman Movie Poster

Documentary filmmaker Stelios Koul uses his camera to illuminate the mechanisms used by the ruling class to create a global American empire in the wake of World War II in a film that draws on rare propagandistic material, creatively shot reconstructions, and filmed confessions to expose the world as seen through the eyes of former economic hitman John Perkins. A prominent member of the team that used murder, military coups, rigged elections, doctored financial reports, extortion, and even sex to expand American influence following World War II, Perkins had previously been reluctant to speak out about his career for fear he'd be permanently silenced by the powers that be.

Years later, after meeting the daughter of an assassinated president and getting a cold reception from an angry Latin-American audience, Perkins' lingering guilt overpowered his fears of governmental reprisal, and he finally decided to come clean about his experiences.

The resulting film reveals the roots of Islamic terrorism and the truth behind rising poverty levels while highlighting the reasons why so many other countries resent the United States.

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