All's Well, Ends Well 2009 (Ga yau hei si 2009)

All's Well, Ends Well 2009 (Ga yau hei si 2009) Movie Poster

The All's Well, Ends Well franchise - a sequence of Hong Kong-produced comedies that began in 1992 - checks in as one of the most popular of all Asian film series.

Marked by the utmost wackiness, wall-to-wall visual gags, and pop culture spoofs that often reference Hollywood films, the titles purposefully demonstrate very little regard for story or character, instead seeking one belly laugh after another.

All's Well, Ends Well 2009 follows this formula verbatim, weaving its irreverence around the loosely-knit tale of a Hitch-like love guru, Koo Chai (Louis Koo) who teaches socially inept men to successfully court women. Hollywood titles spoofed in this outing include the 2006 Casino Royale and Singin' in the Rain.

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