All My Life (Toul omry)

All My Life (Toul omry) Movie Poster

Director Maher Sabry details the daily tribulations of a gay accountant and dance student living in Cairo in this compassionate drama. Twenty-six year old Rami has just been dumped by his longtime boyfriend Waleed, who has decided to leave the homosexual lifestyle behind in order to get married.

Dejected that his best girlfriend Dalia will soon be leaving for San Francisco but reluctant to follow his friend Kareem's suggestion to become more involved in the city's quasi-underground gay community, Rami quietly enters into a series of one-night stands while simultaneously capitalizing on the curiosity of fetishistic tourists.

Meanwhile, his devout upstairs neighbor attempts to suppress his lust for women, and the closeted boy across the hall wrestles with his growing attraction to the same sex. Later, when Kareem is arrested during a police raid on a floating discotheque, Rami begins to comprehend just how dangerous being homosexual in Egypt truly is.

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