Ali Zaoua, Prince De La Rue

Ali Zaoua, Prince De La Rue Movie Poster

Four homeless 12-year-old boys break away from a larger street gang and spend their days living by a port. Ali Zaoua is the strangest of the quartet, who often speaks of sailing off to a distant island lit by two suns. The boys' former gang locates them and, as punishment for their defection, pelts them with rocks. The attack kills Ali, leaving the boys to provide him a funeral fit for a prince.

Director: Nabil Ayouch
Producer(s): Antoine Voituriez, Etienne Comar, Jean Cottin
Cast: Mounïm Kbab, Mustapha Hansali, Hicham Moussoune
Writer(s): Nabil Ayouch, Nathalie Saugeon

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