After Life

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In one week, 22 recently deceased people enter a way station (between heaven and Earth) and work with three counselors and a trainee, who help them to pick one memory. The memory they choose will be the only one they can take to eternity. Once chosen they describe the memory to the staff who work with a crew to film it and screen it at week's end. Their stories reveal not only their personal pleasures and horrors, but also the broader history of postwar Japan.

The trainee, 18-year-old Shiori (Oda), helps a teenage girl choose a memory other than Disneyland. Shiori also has secret feelings of affection towards her mentor, Mochizuki (Arata).
Director: Hirokazu Kore-eda
Studio: Connaissance du Cinéma
Producer(s): Masayuki Akieda, Shiso Sato
Cast: Sadao Abe, Natsuo Ishido, Kyoko Kagawa, Teketoshi Naito, Erika Oda, Kazuko Shirakawa, Susumu Terajima, Sayaka Yoshino, Arata
Writer(s): Hirokazu Koreeda
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