Adorable Lies (Adorables mentiras)

Adorable Lies (Adorables mentiras) Movie Poster

Jorge Luis is an aspiring screenwriter and has a wife and daughter. Sissy is beautiful, blonde, and may possibly be an aspiring actress. She, too, is married. When the two of them meet at a gala screening, unaccompanied by their spouses, each pretends to be more important than they are.

Jorge Luis claims he is a film director, while Sissy pretends to be an established actress. In a humorous scene where it appears that Sissy is confessing to Jorge that she is married, it turns out that she is only practicing for a screen test.

Likewise, since Jorge's wife knows he is trying to get a certain director interested in his scripts, she is afraid that he is having a homosexual affair with the director in order to sell his script. Her fears are heightened when she chances on her husband playing at being feminine for the amusement of his daughter.

In this comedy, telling the truth seems to be the last thing on anybody's mind.

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