Absolument Fabuleux

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1h 45m | Comedy, Drama

Eddie and Patsy are two eccentric friends who have been in continuous "party" mode since the late '60s. Focusing their life on the changing fashions, smoking, drinking and drugs, the two suddenly hit their 50s and don't even realize it. They are now finding it increasingly difficult to appear young and hip, but that doesn't stop them from trying. Meanwhile, Eddie's daughter, the logical and studious minded Saffron, tries to wake the two up from their narcotic-induced haze.

Based on the British hit comedy series, Absolutely Fabulous.
Director: Gabriel Aghion
Studio: TVA International
Producer(s): Pascal Houzelot
Cast: Josiane Balasko, Nathalie Baye, Marie Gillain
Writer(s): Gabriel Aghion, Dawn French, Pierre Palmade, François-Olivier Rousseau, Rémi Waterhouse
Official Site: www.bacfilms.com/abfab/

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