A Story of the Red Hills (Lal Pahare'r Katha)

A Story of the Red Hills (Lal Pahare'r Katha) Movie Poster

A man teaches an old style to a new breed of dancers in this fusion of melodrama and musical. Manohar (Mithun Chakraborty) is a virtuoso of the traditional Bengali dance style known as Chhou, but while he was once famous and well respected, his star has faded now that Chhou has fallen out of public favor.

Manohar decides to pull up stakes and move to another city, and en route he encounters Felai (Rishi), the handicapped son of a woman he once loved. Manohar rescues the orphan and brings him with him to the city; there, the dancer meets Madhab (Shankar Chakravarty), a philanthropist with an interest in the arts.

Madhab knows of Manohar's work and offers to help him set up a class to teach talented young dancers the art of Chhou; working with a group of enthusiastic students gives Manohar a new lease on life, and interacting with Manohar's charges helps Felai deal with his disability.

Lal pahare'r katha (aka A Story Of The Red Hills) was the first directorial effort from Remo D'Souza, who previously distinguished himself as a top Bollywood choreographer.

Director: Remo

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