A Silent Love

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On DVD/VOD: February 21, 2006

1h 41m | Comedy

Norman, a quiet, middle-aged college teacher from Montreal embarks on the adventure of his life when he goes to Mexico to propose to Gladys, a young woman he met through an Internet agency. Gladys accepts Norman, but impulsively requires him to bring her widowed mother, Fernanda, with them to Canada. Delighted and intrigued, Norman agrees and brings his new family north.

But love eludes the newlyweds. Despite their best efforts, Gladys gets impatient and restless, while Norman grows introverted and confused. And Fernanda, the anxious mother-in-law, becomes the marriage counselor for both. Silently, Norman falls in love with Fernanda, a charming woman only a couple of years younger than he is. She senses his attraction and fears the worst that it might be mutual. Abruptly, she returns to Mexico. In the emotional showdowns that follow, Norman, Gladys and Fernanda must find the courage to overcome great distance, foolish desire, and the obstinate fear of solitude.
Director: Federico Hidalgo
Studio: Atopia
Producer(s): Pascal Maeder
Cast: Noel Burton, Vanessa Bauche, Suzanna Salazar, Maka Kotto, Regina Orozco
Writer(s): Federico Hidalgo, Paulina Robles
Official Site: www.asilentlove.com

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