A Sidewalk Astronomer

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Release Date: July 6, 2005 (limited)

'A Sidewalk Astronomer' is the story of John Dobson, an 89-year old monk-turned-scientist who revolutionized astronomy with the invention of the Dobsonian telescope mount, which made telescopes accessible to the public on every continent.

Dobson is a co-founder of "Sidewalk Astronomers," an organization encouraging amateurs to share their telescopes and knowledge with others on busy city streets and in national parks.

The film follows Dobson as he tours the country from the sidewalks of San Francisco to colleges, universities, astronomy clubs, star parties and to Stellafane, a convention of telescope makers in Vermont. In the process, we get to know Dobson, a fascinating thinker, philosopher, teacher, and inventor.

This astronomical and cosmological journey is illustrated with actual footage and photos of space shot from satellites and spacecraft.

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