A Quest for Meaning

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1h 28m | Action/Adventure, Documentary

In his New York apartrment, business executive Marc Ménardière has an accident and finds himself bedridden. He takes the opportunity to view documentaries "about the commodification of the world" that his childhood friend, filmmaker Nathanaël Coste, had lent him. Shaken by the content of these films, and disgusted by the greed of financial players who have learned nothing from the crisis of 2008, Marc is filled with questions.

Forgetting his career plans, Marc joins Nathanaël in India, where they arm themselves with a small camera and microphone in order to understand what led to the current crisis. From India to France, Latin America and the United States, they meet activists and scientists who are promoting a world focussed on a better distribution of wealth to meet the basic needs of human beings.

Director: Marc de la Ménardière, Nathanaël Coste
Studio: Kamea Meah Films
Writer(s): Marc de la Ménardière, Nathanaël Coste

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