À part des autres

À part des autres Movie Poster

Sarah works as a counselor in a center that offers internships to young dropouts as a way of helping them into the job market. When she realizes too many participants are dropping out of the internship program, she tries something new.

She convinces the center to ask a filmmaker, Margot, to conduct a workshop for the youths. Margot's latest film deals with suicide among the young. The youths in Sarah’s program seem to have one certainty in their lives: that mankind is a failure. The only way to avoid participating in this failure, therefore, is to "opt out." And the only way to make life bearable is to stick together. Sarah monitors the progress of her group as the workshop goes on.

Director: Marcel Simard
Studio: Les Productions Virage inc.
Cast: Marc-François Blondin, Mariloup Wolfe, Lucie Laurier, Maxime Denommée, Koumba Ball
Writer(s): Marcel Simard

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