A New Life

A New Life Movie Poster
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1h 42m | Comedy, Drama

Somewhere in Eastern Europe in the middle of winter, a group of haggard looking people arrive. After inspecting the group, a pimp buys a young Ukrainian woman and puts her to work as a prostitute in a hotel located above a strip tease. An American soldier becomes attracted to the young woman and falls in love with her.

He tries to buy her, and when that doesn’t work, he tries to run away with her.

Director: Philippe Grandieux
Studio: Mars Distribution
Producer(s): Catherine Jacques, Emmanuel Schlumberger, Pierre Benque
Cast: Zachary Knighton, Anna Mouglalis, Marc Barbé, Zsolt Nagy, Raoul Dantec, Vladimir Zintov
Writer(s): Philippe Grandieux, Eric Vuillard

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