A Life in the Death of Joe Meek

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2h 2m | Documentary

From his dank flat on Holloway Road in London, Joe Meek created some of the strangest and most wonderful sonic experiments ever to attempt to gatecrash the hit parade.

Known to the crazed few as the British Phil Spector, Meek -- a misguided auteur who single-handedly invented the idea of independence in pop by selling his finished products to the major labels -- is seldom credited as the creator of some of the best known 60s records ever.

His most famous work was The Tornados' hit "Telstar" (1962), which became the first record by a British group to hit #1 in the US Hot 100. Meek's other notable hit productions include "Johnny Remember Me" by John Leyton, and "Have I the Right?" by The Honeycombs, "Tribute to Buddy Holly" by Mike Berry.

Meek's concept album I Hear a New World is regarded as a watershed in modern music for its innovative use of electronic sounds. These stories would be fantastic enough without rumours of black magic, gangland threats and a pill-popping climax of paranoia, rapidly declining fortunes, murder and suicide.

The Joe Meek story is a B-movie script without a home – until now. (adapted from text by John McCready)

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