A Lesson In Cruelty

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Release Date: February 2, 2018 (limited)

Comedy, Drama

A Lesson in Cruelty follows Julian, an opinionated, arrogant, powerful man who has successfully attained money, power and controls everything he's ever wanted or at least, everything his heartless father taught the child Julian to want out of life. His bucket list is complete, save for one item, a birthday party.

Parties are for babies who will never amount to anything is another lesson that Julian's father drummed into the head of the once innocent boy.Julian is ecstatic when he learns that his friends are throwing him a party for his 40th birthday. At the party, Julian is mockingly treated like the king he thinks he is, and the birthday boy eats it up.

For Julian, it's the best night of his life. For the attendees, it's a combination freak show and intervention. As the night continues, the true purpose of the party unfolds...REVENGE

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