A Christmas Carol (2020) - Cast

A Christmas Carol (2020) Movie Poster

Andy Serkis

as Marley's Ghost

Oliver Lock

as Peter

Kathleen Lockhart

as Mrs. Cratchit

Terry Kilburn

as Tiny Tim Cratchit

Barry MacKay

as Fred

Lynne Carver

as Bess

Lionel Braham

as Spirit of Christmas Present

D'Arcy Corrigan

as Spirit of Christmas Future

Kathleen Harrison

as Mrs. Dilber

Clifford Mollison

as Samuel Wilkins

Michael Hordern

as Jacob Marley/Marley's Ghost

George Cole

as Young Ebenezer Scrooge

Carol Marsh

as Fan Scrooge

Jack Warner

as Mr. Jorkin

Hattie Jacques

as Mrs. Fezziwig

Hugh Dempster

as Mr. Groper

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