2Everything2Terrible2: Tokyo Drift

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1h 30m | Comedy

This is it. This is for real. The best thing that could possibly happen... is happening. That's right folks, our cultish leaders at Everything Is Terrible! - the premier website for found footage freakouts are appearing live and with an all new movie! ('Everything Is Terrible! Presents: 2Everything2Terrible2: Tokyo Drift.') The EIT! gang have been working like pampered, over-fed slaves for the past year - bringing together literally thousands of hours of brain boiling VHS into one jam-packed jewel of an experience. The movie itself cannot be described, but all we can say is that it is a full length mashup of oddities that include cat massaging, magic crystals, 90's internet prophesies, and the cutest form of evil to ever walk the Earth (oh you'll see). Think Tim & Eric, but real. In fact, Eric Wareheim claims they 'watch it everyday.' And if that wasn't already the coolest popsicle in the fridge, the gang will be appearing IN THE MELTED FLESH to coax you into their disturbingly hilarious world - and this time, EIT! has upped the ante. It has been described as 'a mix of The Holy Mountain, The Neverending Story, and that weird cult sex scene from Eyes Wide Shut' - now send that on a seven year vision quest into the belly of the beast and it is still something no one will ever understand. Nevertheless, you are going to be doing a lot laughing, and the worst part is you won't even be sure why. Don't forget to bring that extra face of yours, cause the one you got will melt off!

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