14 Days in Paradise

14 Days in Paradise Movie Poster

Ten years ago, Alex Johnson was on top of the world as the most popular member of a famous boy-band. These days, however, Alex's star doesn't shine so high or so bright and while his career falls apart, the only thing holding him together is his upcoming marriage to Veronica, a Uruguayan beauty queen.

But when Alex and his parents, Al and Barbara, travel to his winter home in beautiful Punta del Este, things fall apart in a very bad way when Al winds up in bed with Veronica.

A charming, madcap comedy about cold hearts in the heat of the Uruguay sun, 14 Days in Paradise is two weeks you'll never forget.

Director: Bill Marks
Studio: Arts Financial Trust Productions Ltd.
Producer(s): Bill Marks
Cast: Jeff Roop, Marina Artigas, Imilce Viñas, Adam McDonald, Lucas Yarza, María del Mar, Patricia Wolf
Writer(s): Sean Robb, Bill Marks
Official Site: www.14daysinparadise.com/

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