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1h 40m | Documentary

The Thirteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution makes it unconstitutional for someone to be held as a slave. However, criminals are an exception. In this film, they call that a loophole and say it was immediately exploited in an effort to get innocent black men off the streets. One man says, "We now have more African Americans under criminal supervision than all the slaves in the 1850s."

This film, which gives an in-depth look at several innocent black men who were picked up by police for no reason and put behind bars, claims prisons in the United States are required to be kept filled, even if nobody was committing a crime, so the government can make a profit. One man says, "It's so difficult to talk about mass incarceration because it has become heavily monetized."

Director: Ava DuVernay
Studio: Kandoo Films
Producer(s): Howard Barish, Ava DuVernay, Spencer Averick
Writer(s): Spencer Averick, Ava DuVernay
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