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Wonderland explores, in Rashomon-like fashion, the multiple murders that took place high atop Wonderland Avenue in LA’s Laurel Canyon in the summer of 1981. At first the victims were thought to be mere drug dealers and party hounds, but the case became elevated to a classic L.A. noir when they discovered to be connected to infamous porn star John C. “Johnny Wadd” Holmes.

By the time our story begins, Holmes (Kilmer) had fallen from perhaps the biggest and most famous star in the hardcore industry to a state of financial and pharmaceutical ruin. Holmes is devoted to his teenage girlfriend Dawn (Bosworth) while still married to his wife Sharon (Kudrow) and the three form a most unique love triangle.

Meanwile, in the midst of his spiraling demise, Holmes befriends local drug dealers Ron (Lucas) and Susan Launius (Applegate) along with their “business partner” David Lind (McDermott) but he soon gets himself neck deep into debt and desperation. To save himself from the wrath of notorious gangster Eddie Nash (Bogosian) did he set up his best friends for murder? It all depends on whose story you believe.


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