TOGO Trailer

31,669 Views | 2:21 | Uploaded on Dec 19, 2019

In this trailer for Togo we begin with narration from Leonhard Seppala (Willem Dafoe), who lists the qualities needed for the lead dog of a sled team. The trailer then cuts to an earlier point in time, as  dog sled trainer Leonhard struggles to find a place for a young upstart pup named Togo, whom he describes as undersized, trouble, and untrainable. Unsure of what he brings to the breed, his wife Constance (Juianne Nicholson) says that Togo brings the heart of a survivor. When Togo begins to show his qualities, Leonhard recognizes him as his lead sled dog. Flash forward a few years and the two are called upon to make a perilous 600 mile journey to retrieve the cure for a deadly disease afflicting the young of their town. In spite of their age and the dangers they face, Leonhard, Togo and his sled team embark on their desperate mission. 


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