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Lennie Walker (Grace Kaufman), 17, lives in a home tucked among the magical redwood trees of Northern California, surrounded by her grandmother's (Cherry Jones) gargantuan roses. A musical prodigy who plays clarinet, Lennie struggles with overwhelming grief when her older sister, Bailey (Havana Rose Liu), with whom she was very close, suddenly dies of a heart defect.

No longer interested or even able to play music due to grief, Lennie gives away her position as first chair. But when Joe Fontaine (Jacques Colimon), the charismatic new guy at school, takes an interest in her, she finds herself slowly drawn to him. However, Bailey's devastated boyfriend, Toby (Pico Alexander), keeps hanging around and both of them begin to confuse their feelings for Bailey for feelings for each other. Drawn to Joe, with whom she has a lot in common, Lennie tries navigate first love and first loss.

Based on the beloved novel of the same name by Jandy Nelson, who wrote the screenplay.


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