The Riot Club Trailer

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Miles Richards (Max Irons) arrives at Oxford University to find that another student, the spoiled Alistair Ryle (Sam Claflin) and his parents are upset that the room they wanted has been given to Miles. Good-natured Miles quickly gives up his lavish room, only to find he has to settle for a plain room in a dorm. At the dorm he meets Lauren (Holliday Grainger), who is from a modest family and is there on a scholarship. He's immediately attracted to her.

Miles and Alastair are both invited to join the exclusive The Riot Club, which was established many years ago for young men of privilege to enjoy whatever they can get away with. The members of the club rent out a country pub dining room for an important dinner and their president, James (Freddie Fox), promises the owner he will keep things under control. Things quickly get out of hand when the boys get drunk and rowdy and the prostitute they hired refuses to cooperate and leaves. Lauren shows up, complicating things further.

Based on the play Posh by Laura Wade.


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