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During the bloodiest of the fighting in Kosovo in 1999, Serbian soldiers are carrying out scores of atrocities against Albanian civilians while U.S. Special Forces operate covertly nearby. Soldier Aaron Hallam (Del Toro) penetrates a demolished building and slips unseen past guards. As he moves without a sound, there is a tense moment when the path to his target is blocked by a small child praying over her mother’s dead body. But Aaron is so skilled at melting into the shadows that the Serbian officer who has ordered all this butchery has no clue anyone is even in the room until Aaron has killed him. Awarded the Silver Star for valor, Aaron feels no honor as he lies awake, tormented by nightmares.

In 2003, L.T. Bonham (Jones) is tracking an injured wolf through the woods of British Columbia. He approaches the animal, undoes the trap and treats the wolf’s wound, then finds the man who set the trap and gives him a beating. Meanwhile, Bonham’s former student, Aaron Hallom, has gone AWOL from the Special Forces and is hiding out in the woods of Oregon. Also determined to protect wildlife, he taunts two men in hunter’s gear who are using high-powered military telescopes. He asks them if they think it’s fair to hunt with the big scopes and then hurls a knife into a nearby tree, purposely missing them. They turn and fire in his direction, but he pounces on them, killing them swiftly. These are not his first two victims, and the FBI decides to call in the one man who can track Hallom down – L.T. Bonham.


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