The Great Wall - Official Trailer 2

52,304 Views | 2:23 | Uploaded on Oct 11, 2016

In the second official trailer for The Great Wall, we're taken to the stunning mountainous regions of ancient China. We see Matt Damon in battle gear and hear a man say, "We've travelled thousands of miles in search of a weapon more powerful than we've ever known."

Shortly after, we see brief battle scenes unfold before we're transported to the Great Wall. Matt's character discusses a trade agreement with a Chinese woman, he's called a thief and he's locked up. Then, we see a creature ascend the Wall and pull a man down below. We're informed that "the Great Wall is the only barrier keeping the world safe." A war between humans and the monstrous creatures that threaten their existence begins to take shape and Matt's character is positioned as a crucial player in the survival of mankind. The trailer also features an appearance by Willem Dafoe.


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