'The Farewell' Trailer

31,941 Views | 2:19 | Uploaded on May 30, 2019

In the trailer for The Farewell, we meet Billi (Awkwafina), who finds out from her parents that her grandmother is dying of cancer, but is told to refrain from telling her due to cultural tradition. She is also discouraged from attending her cousin's wedding in China, which is being used as an excuse to gather the family together to be with their family matriarch for one last time, because of her inability to restrain her emotions. However, Billi goes anyways and as the days leading up to the wedding pass, she questions the decision to not tell her grandmother that she's dying as her western upbringing clashes with her eastern heritage. As Billi gets to spend more time with her grandmother, she experiences both the joy and sadness of the situation and receives a greater understanding of the importance of family.


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