Nocturnal Animals - Official Trailer 2

17,288 Views | 1:30 | Uploaded on Oct 21, 2016

In the second official trailer for Tom Ford's Nocturnal Animals, Susan (Amy Adams) and Edward (Jake Gyllenhaal) cross paths on a busy sidewalk. Snow is blowing, we can see their breath, and both characters seem delighted to run into each other. Edward says, "You look beautiful, as always."


From there, we see the pair at a table together, facing one another. Edward admits that Susan was his first crush and she makes the same confession. But a sense of uncertainty begins to mount when Anne (Laura Linney) tells Susan the following: "Don't do this, he's too weak for you. The things you love about him now are the things you will hate." Fractures in their relationship emerge and they eventually separate. We learn that Edward used to call Susan a "nocturnal animal," that she left him in a "brutal way," and that authorities are now involved in a complex tangle of love, passion, violence and revenge.


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