Nerve - Official Trailer

47,726 Views | 2:24 | Uploaded on May 12, 2016

In the official trailer for the thriller Nerve, Vee's (Emma Roberts) friends encourage her to join a website called Nerve, in which watchers pay to watch and players get a series of dares that earn them money.

She joins and her first dare is to kiss a stranger for $100. The guy she kisses, Ian (Dave Franco), is also a player and the watchers want them to team up on another dare, in which she goes with him on his motorcycle to the city for $200. She's then dared to try on an expensive dress for $500. She does but when she returns to the dressing room, her wallet and clothing are gone. Ian, who was dared to try on a suit, says all his stuff is gone too. They get another dare: leave the store immediately for $2,500.

Vee discovers that not only have people died doing the dares, but that if she doesn't continue to accept, she loses all the money. They accept a dare to drive a motorcycle down a busy street blindfolded and in the final shot, Vee enters a stadium full of cheering watchers and is told to point a gun at someone.


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