Monster Trucks - Official Trailer

11,923 Views | 2:12 | Uploaded on Jun 01, 2016

In the official trailer for Monster Trucks, Tripp (Lucas Till) discovers a monster living in his truck and decides to call the creature "Creech." Tripp's girlfriend (Jane Levy) is initially terrified by Creech, but grows to appreciate him. Creech can power Tripp's truck, acting as the engine. This make's Tripp's truck a "monster truck."

The trailer shows us some laughably light-hearted scenes of Tripp driving his truck while his girlfriend races beside them on a horse. Tripp promises to find out where Creech came from and protect him from whoever's after him. When a team of baddies want to take Creech away, Tripp must team up with others who have their own monster trucks (sans monsters).


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