Maze Runner: The Death Cure - Final Trailer

28,475 Views | 2:26 | Uploaded on Jan 26, 2018

In the final trailer for Maze Runner: the Death Cure, Thomas (Dylan O'Brien) leaps from a moving Jeep onto the last car of a train. He sets off an explosive that detaches the car from the rest of the train and hooks it up to an aircraft. He and two friends hang onto the car as it's being lifted into the air, while people are shooting at them. Thomas and his group of escaped Gladers are told they're immune to a virus that's wiping out the human race, and WCKD thinks they're worth sacrificing to find a cure. Thomas asks Teresa if she regrets what she did to them, and she tells him she did what she thought was right. He wants to put a stop to WCKD rounding up kids to torture them in order to find a cure, but it doesn't look like Teresa is on the same page. 


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