Max Trailer

44,996 Views | 2:25 | Uploaded on May 26, 2015

Kyle Wincott (Robbie Amell) is on duty in Afghanistan with military working dog Max by his side. He and Max talk to his parents (Lauren Graham, Thomas Haden Church) via Skype, but his little brother Justin (Josh Wiggins) refuses to come to the screen to say hi.

Soon after, military personel show up and the Wincotts find out Kyle has been killed. At the funeral, Max cries non-stop and won't leave the casket. When the Wincotts are told that Max bonded so closely with Kyle that he can't work with anyone else, they take him in.

Justin tries to make friends with Max, but Max isn't interested. Justin perseveres and slowly grows to care for the dog, who in turn begins to trust Josh.


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