'Lady and the Tramp' Trailer #2

2:04 | Uploaded on Nov 19, 2019

In this live-action re-imagining of the 1955 Disney animated classic, Darling Dear (Kiersey Clemons) is given a beautiful little Cocker Spaniel puppy, whom she names Lady (voiced by Tessa Thompson). Lady lives a pampered life, and is doted on by Darling and her husband, Jim Dear (Thomas Mann). But when a baby enters their lives, Lady is no longer the center of attention.

When a scruffy street dog named Tramp (voiced by Justin Theroux) shows up one day in her fenced yard, he tells her about the outside world, where dogs don't have to wear leashes and aren't fenced in. Soon after, Aunt Sarah comes to house sit with her two cats, while Darling and Jim take the baby to go visit her family. Aunt Sarah doesn't like Lady and has the little dog fitted with a muzzle at a pet shop. In a panic, Lady escapes the shop and joins Tramp on a series of adventures, from wonders such as riding on a steamboat to less wonderful experiences, such as being chased by dog catcher.

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