Beauty and the Beast - Official Final Trailer

100,471 Views | 2:25 | Uploaded on Jan 31, 2017

The enchanting official final trailer for the live-action Beauty and the Beast introduces us to Belle (Emma Watson) who belongs to a small village and her father Maurice (Kevin Kline) believes it's a small-minded place. When he loses his way on his journey and lands in the snowy courtyard of an angry Beast, he is locked away in a tower in the castle.

Belle goes in search of her missing father. When she arrives at the castle, she comes face to face with the Beast. She promises her father she will escape before she selflessly offers herself as a prisoner in exchange for her father's release. While held captive, she is astonished to learn that the inanimate objects in the castle are alive and can talk. She befriends them and they reveal that when the last rose petal falls, the master remains a Beast forever and they become antiques.

One day when the Beast thinks she has destroyed the rose he yells at her to leave, but on her way out she is attacked by wolves in the courtyard. The Beast comes to her rescue and is injured while trying to save her. She sits by his side as he recovers and soon Belle and the Beast form a unexpected bond. In a tale as old as time, this magical fairy tale explores an enchanting story of love as it hits theatres this March.


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