Baby Driver - Official International Trailer

1,776 Views | 2:40 | Uploaded on Mar 13, 2017

In the official international trailer for Baby Driver we see a group of criminals led by crime boss Doc (Kevin Spacey) discussing their next heist and going over the plans as the hired getaway driver, Baby (Ansel Elgort), listens to music. In a flash of his skills behind the wheel, we see Baby is the top getaway driver and a favorite of Doc’s. Baby is only one job away from getting “square” with the leading crime boss. We then see why Baby is always plugged into his iPod, the result of an injury when he was a kid – but it’s not reason enough to quell the questions from the violent and self-professed crazy Bats (Jamie Foxx), who resents the fact that Baby listens to music. Baby then meets a young waitress, Deborah (Lily James), who becomes the catalyst to speed up leaving his life as a getaway driver. He tries to protect her from the wrath of Doc, all the while not getting caught – or killed. 


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