'American Dreamer' Trailer

1,852 Views | 1:24 | Uploaded on Nov 11, 2019

When Cam (Jim Gaffigan) was downd from his white-collar job, he was subsequently rejected by his wife (Tammy Blanchard). Now struggling to make ends meet while also paying alimony and child support for his tween son, he's working as a rideshare driver. Cam makes extra cash by chauffeuring low level drug dealer Mazz (Robbie Jones) around town.

Cam gradually comes to know Mazz, who seems to have a solid home life with his girlfriend, Marina (Isabel Arraiza), and their baby son. Fed up by the way Mazz treats him, Cam decides to kidnap Mazz's son, and places him in the trunk. Meanwhile, Mazz, not knowing who took his baby, asks Cam to drive him around in a frantic bid to find the child.


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