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Marie (Aria Mia Loberti), a blind French teenager, and her father Daniel LeBlanc (Mark Ruffalo) flee German-occupied Paris with a legendary diamond to keep it from falling into the hands of the Nazis.

Relentlessly pursued by a cruel Gestapo officer who seeks to possess the stone for his
own selfish means, Marie and Daniel find refuge in St. Malo, where they take up residence with his aunt and reclusive uncle Etienne (Hugh Laurie), who transmits clandestine radio broadcasts as part of the Resistance. When Daniel is noticed by the Nazis, he returns to Paris to keep Marie and their relatives safe.

Meanwhile, Werner (Louis Hofmann), a technically brilliant teenager who loves listening to the radio, is forcefully enlisted by Hitler's regime to track down illegal broadcasts. Treated brutally by his fellow soldiers and superiors, he relucantly has to obey orders. He winds up in the once-idyllic seaside city were Marie is living and now broadcasting her own messages on the same frequency on which her uncle broadcast. Werner listens to her each night because her messages give him hope. Their paths eventually collide due to their secret connection.

Based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel by Anthony Doerr.


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