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Born: April 03, 1980

Trevor Moore

Date of Birth: April 3, 1980

Born in Montclaire, New Jersey, Trevor Moore always had an idea for something funny and decided he would gather all his funny thoughts into one collection, so at the tender age of 12, Moore became the youngest published cartoonist with his book entitled Scraps.

At age 16, Moore moved to Virginia, making it his new home and quickly discovering boredom to be a very common activity in rural Virginia. Though he wrote weekly cartoons for local newspapers, Moore's imagination became restless once again, and when he was 19 took it upon himself to seek out a little excitement. He moved to Los Angeles, where he signed a deal to write and produce his own weekly sketch comedy show for PAX-TV affiliates.

Enter The Trevor Moore Show. Think of it like a late night talk show without all the talking, since Moore's show never had any special guests. Now that he had his spot, it was time to come up with some more funny ideas. Quite a bit different than writing a book or cartoons, Moore tried his hand at comedy sketches that were not much more than different ways to get in people's way. One of his shows was dedicated to setting up cardboard cutouts around town and secretly filming people's reactions to their presence. Eleven months and a few too many inappropriate jokes for public television later, The Trevor Moore Show was cancelled due to offensive content.

Moore then attended Manhattan's School of Visual Arts where he found himself in the company of a few other young men with the same love of sketch comedy, and out of it all came the fruits of their labor in the form of their hit show The Whitest Kids U Know (WKUK), which had two full seasons that aired on both the FUSE television network and then The Independent Film Channel (IFC). Along with fellow WKUK collaborator Zach Cregger, Moore co-directed, co-wrote and co-starred in his first major motion picture, Miss March.

Moore lives in NYC with his girlfriend and their cat.


Miss March (2009)
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Miss March (2009)
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