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Date of Birth: 1980

Sarah Allen was born in Nelson, British Columbia. She enrolled in the Youth Theatre program at Capitol Theatre, where she performed in productions such as Trixie True, Teen Detective and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

She applied to the prestigious acting program at the National Theatre School in Montreal twice before being accepted. After graduating, while still living in Montreal, she attained roles in three TV movies, including in the USA Network’s Student Seduction (2003).

The following year, Sarah made her big screen debut in Secret Window, starring Johnny Depp. After graduating from the National Theatre School, Sarah moved to Toronto, where she landed a role in the TV movie Booky Makes Her Mark, playing Willa, Booky’s older sister, opposite Tatiana Maslany in the title role. In 2006 she was cast in the CBC medical series Jozi-H, which filmed in Joannesburg, South Africa. She played Dr. Jenny Langford in the short-lived series, which ran for 13 episodes.

She soon landed another recurring role, this time on CBC-TV’s dramatic series M.V.P. , which enjoyed a 10-episode run in 2008, as well as a Directors Guild of Canada nomination for Best Drama Series.

In 2009 Sarah was cast in a recurring role on several episodes of the popular detective series Murdoch Mysteries, playing Enid Jones, a single mother who has a short-lived romantic relationship with the title character. She later dumps Murdoch when he inadvertently puts Enid and more importantly, her son, played by Dakota Goyo, in danger.

After taking part in a six-month course at Toronto’s Canadian Film Centre in 2010, Sarah was named one of the Toronto International Film Festival’s 2011 Rising Stars.

Sarah has also played recurring roles on popular series such as CBC’s Little Mosque on the Prairie, SyFy’s Being Human and Bravo’s 19-2. Back on the big screen, she had the opportunity to play Vicki in the movie On the Road based on Jack Kerouac’s novel, playing opposite Kristen Stewart and Garrett Hedlund.

In the independent film The Husband (2014), Sarah played a woman who is sent to prison for having an affair with a minor, leaving her husband to take care of their child.

However, Global TV’s medical series Remedy, which debuted in 2014, that has brought Sarah the most attention to date. Playing nurse Sandy Conner, she stars alongside Flashpoint’s Enrico Colantoni and her former M.V.P. co-star Dillon Casey in the series about a family of medical practitioners and the drama that surrounds them and the patients they treat.

Sarah, who currently resides in Toronto, enjoys reading, swimming and travelling.


The Husband (2014)
On the Road (2012)
St. Roz (2010)
Secret Window (2004)
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