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Born: January 01, 1971


Birth Name: Maxton Beesley Jr.

Date of Birth: 1971

Hailing from Burnage, England, Beesley is the son of British jazz drummer Maxton Beesley and jazz singer Chris Marlowe. With such a musical background, it's no surprise he received a scholarship to and attended Chetham's School of Music and London's Guildhall School of Music and Drama. In his mid-teens, he started his first career as a session musician with a variety of groups including Take That, George Michael and Jamiroquai, playing drums and keyboard. He also spent some time doing modeling gigs.

At the end of an eight-month tour with Incognito, he decided to quit the music scene and go for something more challenging, acting. Remembering that he quite enjoyed the little bit of theater he'd done when he was younger, he went to New York and signed up with a method acting coach. After nine months of coaching and 14 months of unemployment back in England, he landed the starring role in The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling. "Tom Jones was a complete apprenticeship for me," he confides, "Metin Huseyin, who directed it really did steer me about 80% of the way. I just came on set with about 20%, I think."

Critics and audiences labelled his performance as Tom Jones in the television mini-series as charming, sexy and charismatic. It was enough to keep him out of unemployment as he was soon offered jobs on feature films like The Match, Five Seconds to Spare, and Kill Me Later. In 2001 he landed his first big budget starring role alongside singing sensation Mariah Carey, in Glitter. Although that movie received terrible reviews, Beesley's career was not affected and he went on to play roles in feature films such as Torque (2004).

Beesley continues to write songs when not busy, and meditates for an hour each morning. In 2003 he toured with singer Robbie Williams as a drummer for his band.


Torque (2004)
Red Roses and Petrol (2003)
The Emperor's Wife (2003)
Anita and Me (2002)
Hotel (2001)
The Last Minute (2001)
Glitter (2001)
Kill Me Later (2001)
It Was an Accident (2000)
Five Seconds to Spare (1999)
The Match (1999)

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