Mark-Paul Gosselaar Biography

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Born: March 01, 1974

Mark Paul Gosselaar

Date of birth: March 1, 1974,

Born to Dutch parents Hans and Paula, Mark Paul is the only one of the couple's four children to be born in America, Panorama City, California, to be exact.

His career highlights have been big on TV, in fact, you could sort of say that he's been "saved by the bell." A short summary of his TV acting bell chart goes likes this: Saved by the Bell; Saved by the Bell: Wedding in Las Vegas; Saved By the Bell: The College Years; and Saved By the Bell Hawaiian Style.

His character's name on that show is Zack Morris.

Gosselaar has also done a lot of other TV work in such movies as Dying to Belong, Brothers of the Frontier and Born Into Exile.


Dead Man on Campus (1998)
Kounterfeit (1996)
Specimen (1996)
Sticks and Stones (1996)
Twisted Love (1995)
The St. Tammany Miracle (1994)
White Wolves: A Cry in the Wild II (1993)

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