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Growing up on the streets of Detroit in a family of 12 siblings, Hardwick attended Michigan University to study English.

He would use his experiences growing up and the knowledge he accumulated in University to feed his need to write novels.

While still in University, he wrote the novel, Dark Semester. Although it was never published, Hardwick wasn't daunted. As soon as he graduated from the university, he went straight to Wayne State Law School in Detroit.

To help pay for his law education, Hardwick took up stand-up comedy. He continued the sideline while practicing law in Detroit.

Hardwick never gave up his dream of becoming a novelist, and in 1996, his first book, Cold Medina, was published.

Other books such as Double Dead (which will be adapted to film), Supreme Justice and Colors of Justice were soon to follow.

After moving to California to serve as an attorney for the United States Department of Justice, Disney launched his screenwriting career.

His first feature screenplay Trippin' was released in 1999, followed by various television projects like South Central, Me and the Boys, In the House and Matt Waters. In 2001, he decided to write and direct his next screenplay, The Brothers.

Filmography (director):

The Brothers (2001)

Filmography (writer):

The Brothers (2001)
Trippin' (1999)

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