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The story of Huo Yuanjia—a fighter who represented Chinese martial arts to a nation; a man who fought his way out of darkness and into history.

Yuanjia, a young boy whose father is a great fighter, wants to follow in his footsteps, but his father refuses. The boy steals his father’s Wushu manual and teaches himself how to fight. Able to beat up the schoolyard bully with his new skills, Yuanjia keeps on training until he becomes known as a powerful fighter.

When his arrogance and love for violence leads to the murder of his mother and daughter, Yuanjia, stricken with grief, leaves his home and wanders for thousands of miles. Having lost the desire to live, he’s taken in by strangers whose kindness and generosity enable him to eventually forget his pain and his violent history.

However, he reluctantly dusts off his skills when a child in his new village runs into trouble with a neighboring tribe.


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