Gal Gadot & Isla Fisher Interview - Keeping Up with the Joneses

2,144 Views | 3:28 | Uploaded on Oct 20, 2016

While discussing their latest action-comedy Keeping Up with the Joneses, Gal Gadot and Isla Fisher shed light on the relationship between their characters — Natalie Jones and Karen Gaffney. Gal says both women want something that the other possesses, while Isla adds to that by saying Karen (a "soccer mom," as she calls her) specifically envies the spark Natalie has in her marriage and her chic sense of style. The actresses also talk about the tone achieved in their film and one particularly intense scene in the movie, a topic that led Isla to say her co-star Jon Hamm shouldn't have a driver's license and Gal to admit that she gets extremely carsick.



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