Alan Arkin & John Goodman (Argo) - Interview

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Alan Arkin and John Goodman Interview

Veteran actors John Goodman and Alan Arkin were immediately intrigued when Ben Affleck approached them to star in Argo. The film tells the story of six State department employees who escaped the U.S. Embassy siege in Tehran in 1979 by taking refuge at the home of the Canadian ambassador. CIA agent Tony Mendez (Affleck) devised a plan to rescue them, pretending that he and the six refugees were members of a Canadian movie crew scouting desert locations in Iran for a sci-fi flick. Goodman plays real-life makeup artist John Chambers, who helped orchestrate the fake movie behind the escape and Arkin plays the Hollywood producer who got the project underway. spoke with Alan and John in Los Angeles about taking on these roles, working with Ben Affleck and why they think audiences are embracing Argo.

Interview by Bonnie Laufer for Tribute Entertainment Media Group.


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